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Current information on CORONA infection and vaccinations (as of 20/09/2022)
The new Omikron-adapted vaccines of BioNTec and Moderna have been approved by the EMA and the STIKO ("Ständige Impfkommission") recommends their usage for booster vaccinations.
We are using the two new Omikron BA1 and BA4/5 adapted BioNTec/Pfizer vaccines. Please book an online Corona vaccination consultation via video (5min) if you think that you need a booster. Vaccinations against Covid at our practice will ONLY be possible after a Corona vaccination consultation with me or my assistant doctor.

You can find the new STIKO recommendation here.
Who does NOT need a 4th vaccination?
Healthy people who have already been vaccinated 3 times (or have been vaccinated twice and had a PCR-confirmed Corona infection no earlier than 3 months thereafter), do not need a 4th vaccination! We vaccinate according to STIKO, not to public opinion including health ministers!

The 4th vaccination should generally only be given 6 months after the last Corona infection or vaccination, as the immune response might otherwise be weakened, as more recent studies suggest.
Who SHOULD get a 4th vaccination?
  • All people aged 60 and older
  • all people with an immune deficiency (due to medication to weaken the immune system, chemotherapy, HIV or similar)
  • all people with chronic illnesses that may bring an increased risk of severe courses of Covid-19 (i.e. obesity with BMI>30, rheumatic diseases, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, diabetes, chronic lung and heart diseases, neurological diseases such as MS, dementia, schizophrenia)
  • Residents of homes (old people's home, refugees' home, etc.)
  • very exposed persons such as nursing staff in homes or other health professionals, staff working in refugee homes etc.
Please book an online Covid - vaccination consultation appointment - (5min by video) if you think that you need a booster - if you do, we will book a vaccination appointment directly! Please have the dates of your Covid vaccinations and any positive PCR tests ready for the appointment!

Please fill out the Medical History and Consent to mRNA-vaccination form online prior to your appointment!
Corona Infection:
I am acutely ill with Corona and need a sick note for my employer.
If you already have a letter from the health department, this counts as a sick note for your employer. Alternatively, if you are already a patient with us, you can also obtain a sick note from us via a video appointment. To do this, make an appointment online with me or my assistant doctor Norah Okoth.
Please never come to the practice with a corona infection without calling in advance!

Are you feeling so bad that you cannot wait for an appointment with us? 
Then call 116117 (medical on-call service) or in a life-threatening situation call 112 (ambulance/fire brigade).

My Corona rapid test is positive. What do I have to do now?
If you are already a patient with us, you can book a video appointment online and we will give you an appointment for a PCR-test to confirm the diagnosis.
You are also required to report your Covid 19 infection online to your local health department if your PCR test is positive. This is independent of the fact that the laboratory and the doctor also report your infection!

Information sheet for mRNA vaccines like by BioNTec/Pfizer
medical history and consent for mRNA vaccines like by BioNTec/Pfizer
Other relevant information on Corona:
Berlin hotlines and recommendations for action

The current rules on quarantine and isolation valid in Berlin as defined by the German Government (sorry, in German, but I am sure you you will manage!)

Website of the Health Authority (Gesundheitsamt) Pankow
and their FAQs

Online survey form for travel returnees returning from high-risk areas abroad.

Patient handbook on long-Covid/post-Covid (sorry, in German, but worth translating!)
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