Current information and links (as of 04/05/2022) on Corona-infection and vaccination:



1. You have a positive rapid test and want to do a PCR test or are a category 1 contact with symptoms?

There are several test centres that do offer free PCR testing if the rapid test is positive, here is the official page of all test centres in Berlin. Tic the box "bietet bestätigende PCR tests an" so that you can select the right test centres.

Alternatively, we also offer PCR testing at our practice for our current patients.


2. You need a certificate for your employer because you have Corona or think that you have Corona? If you already have a letter from the Gesundheitsamt, this is regarded as a sick note by your employer. Alternatively, if you are a current patient of our practice, you can also obtain a sick leave ("AU") from us via a video appointment (not via telephone anymore!). To do this, make an appointment online with me (Dr Rüggeberg) or my assistant doctor Mrs van der Laden


3. You have Corona and you feel so bad that you need medical advice or help? Please book an appointment online with me (Dr Rüggeberg) or my assistant doctor Mrs van der Laden so that we can advise you or arrange an on-site appointment if necessary. Please never come to the practice with a corona infection without making an appointment by phone! Are you feeling so bad that you can't wait for an appointment with us? Then call 116117 (medical on-call service) or in a life-threatening situation call 112 (ambulance).


4. You are obliged to report your Covid 19 infection online to your local health authority (Gesundheitsamt) once you have a positive PCR test. This is irrespective of the fact that the laboratory and the treating physician will also report your illness to the health authority!


5. You have Corona and don't know what to do because you can't reach anyone by phone and the health department hasn't answered you yet? Here is the current guideline from the Pankow Gesundheitsamt.




The STIKO recommends that all persons aged 18 and older receive a booster vaccination with an mRNA vaccine starting 3 months after the 2nd vaccination. In pregnant women and people < age 30, this should be done with BioNTec and in people aged 30+ with Moderna or BioNTec. 

Persons >age 70 should get a 2nd booster (= 4th vaccine) 3 months after their 1st booster as immunity seems to drop quickly in this age group.

Medical personell should get a 2nd booster 6 months after their 1st booster.

The Johnson&Johnson vaccine has lost its status as a double vaccine, so you need to get a 2nd vaccination and a booster from now on. We will implement this as of now.

We will continue to vaccinate strictly according to STIKO recommendations.

Right now we are not offering Covid-vaccines, but will surely start vaccinating again in late summer or early spring. Until then, please find a vaccination center to get your booster.


Of course we offer all the other important vaccines - i.e. against the flu, measles, tetanus and most travel vaccinations. Please book online!


Informationsheet for mRNA vaccines like by BioNTec/Pfizer

medical history and consent for mRNA vaccines like by BioNTec/Pfizer





The new rules on quarantine and isolation as defined by the German Government and now also valid in Berlin (sorry, in German, but I am sure you you will manage!)


Berlin hotlines and recommendations for action


Website of the Health Authority (Gesundheitsamt) Pankow


The current rules for persons returning to Germany from high risk areas and areas with new virus mutants.

Online survey form for travel returnees returning from high-risk areas abroad. 


Patient guide on long-Covid/post-Covid (sorry, in German, but worth translating!)