Important current information and links (as of 25/07/2021):


According to the latest STIKO recommendation, a first vaccination with a vector vaccine (AstraZeneca) should in future be followed by a second vaccination with an mRNA vaccine (BioNTech or Moderna) irrespective of age (so-called heterologous vaccination scheme).


This vaccination may now take place as early as 4 weeks after the AstraZeneca vaccination! This means that anyone who has had an AstraZeneca vaccination can now receive a follow-up vaccination with BioNTech quickly after our holidays. Please use our online booking portal and book a second BioNTech appointment yourself and cancel your second AstraZeneca appointment! There are still some appointments available for week 30. If you cannot manage yourself, please give us a call beginning with July 19th.


BioNTech: Appointments for first-time vaccinations with BioNTech are also available online again. In future, we will know 2 weeks in advance how many vaccine doses we will receive. Due to the changed vaccination recommendation of the STIKO, the availability of vaccines for first vaccinations might become somewhat scarcer. In future, I will always reserve the vaccine doses for our existing patients until Sunday evening, and from Monday I will release them for other patients.


We do not keep vaccination lists - first come, first serve!


My recommendation for all men and all persons over 60 who want to achieve a rapid, very good protection against Covid-19: First vaccination with AstraZeneca, after 4 weeks second vaccination with BioNTech! Please book online!! Please be sure to keep a 28 day interval when booking!


AstraZeneca vaccinations are also available online via Doctolib, usually also for non-existing patients. For men, this is an easy and good start into the heterologous vaccination schedule, leading to fast and very good protection!


Please understand that it is impossible for us to answer the flood of emails on the subject of vaccination individually!


Informationsheet for mRNA vaccines like by BioNTec/Pfizer

medical history and consent for mRNA vaccines like by BioNTec/Pfizer

Informationsheet for vector-vaccines like by AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson

medical history and consent for vector-vaccines like by AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson


Where can I have my weekly free-of-charge Corona-Antigentest done? Book an appointment at one of the many test centres, or find one where you don´t have to book ahead.


The current test criteria of the RKI (Robert-Koch-Institut) - a PCR smear should be taken for all signs of a respiratory infection - whether sore throat, cold, cough, fever and/or aching limbs/malaise!


Berlin hotlines and recommendations for action


Website of the Health Authority (Gesundheitsamt) Pankow


Covid-19 Practices in Berlin -  in particular the very well functioning Coronavirus examination center Wedding at the Virchow-Klinikum for PCR tests, which also offers a coronavirus video consultation.


Online survey form for travel returnees returning from high-risk areas abroad. 


General quarantine order of the Pankow district - every category 1 contact with a Covid-19 patient must immediately go into a 14-day quarantine according to this regulation, even without an instruction of the public health department. Testing is only carried out if symptoms occur or in certain constellations. You are obliged to fill out an online form of your local Gesundheitsamt to let them know of your situation.


A sick note by the doctor is only possible if you have symptoms!

If you have no symptoms but have to be quarantined, you/your employer are entitled to compensation for loss of earnings during this period. The letter from the Gesundheitsamt that you will receive (if you filled out the online form mentioned above) will give you and your employer more details about it.