Praxis für ganzheitliche Medizin

Dr. med. Sophie Rüggeberg

Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin


We are on holiday from 28th of June to 16th of July!

Our stand-in for medical concerns that cannot wait until we are back is

Dr. Tanner at Schönhauser Allee 83.

Dear patients!


A thorough medical assessment and state-of-the-art treatment of physical and mental complaints is of great importance to me. But since not all complaints can be explained or treated by standard examinations and therapies, the combination with complimentary diagnostic methods and a holistic approach to treatment is my great passion and the centre of my daily practice.


I treat patients from all public and private health insurances, for check-ups, vaccinations and occasional infections as well as chronic diseases.


One of my specialties is the clarification and treatment of digestive complaints and intolerances as well as stress-related and unclear physical complaints.

Please bear in mind that many complimentary examinations and treatments are not covered by German public health insurances.




We are currently fully booked and therefore accept no new patients at the time being. The Corona-vaccinations of our current patients take a lot of our time. Once we are done with most of the vaccinations, we will start to accept new patients again. Please check Doctolib, our online booking system once in a while - once new appointments are available, you will be able to book them online. There is NO waiting list for new patients, very sorry.


For our current patients we always have reserved appointments for acute conditions.